Practice Areas

Business / Taxation / Finance

We assist our clients in a wide range of general business and commercial transactions. We represent borrowers entering into financial arrangements, such as line of credit and other loan agreements, with banks and other commercial lenders. We help clients negotiate and draft manufacturing agreements and product sales and distribution agreements in a wide variety of industries.

Often an interdisciplinary approach will be required, such as formation of joint ventures and other strategic alliances for the development, manufacture, and marketing of new products and related technology. In these cases we are able to blend our expertise in business organizations (such as corporations and partnerships) with our expertise in the commercial transactions and technology licensing to assist the client in negotiating, financing, and implementing the particular venture.


General Business and Commercial Transactions

• Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
• Bank and Other Commercial Loans
• Products Sales and Distributions Agreements
• Manufacturing Agreement
• Consulting and Service Agreements


Our Attorneys That Will Assist You:

Charles M. Thompson
Philip H. Welch IV
Richard S. Soroko
Timothy S. Galusha
Blase Kornacki
Richard J. Kalish
Raihane Dalvi